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586 Hz Circulation Healing Tuned Pipe

Note: Free Wood Hand Stand to hold pipe plus Rubber Mallet with this Healing Tuned Pipe Set. Free Shipping & Insurance.
Cat No. 40003


Item Description (Cat No. 40003)

This Healing Tuned Pipe produces 586 Hz sound

The frequency of the Pipe is used to stimulate the flow of blood to areas of the body. Arthritis is a prime example of poor circulation in the joints. Once the flow of blood is returned to the damaged areas it will start to heal itself. The Circulation frequency works on Diabetes and other diseases, as well.

The circulation of blood refers to its continual flow from the heart, through branching arteries, to reach and traverse the microscopic vessels in all parts of the body, reconverging in the veins and returning to the heart, to flow thence through the lungs and back to the heart to start the circuit again. This uninterrupted movement of the blood is necessary to maintain the supply of oxygen from the lungs and nutrients from the gut, as well as for the distribution of hormones.

Main Features of this Pipe

  • Made from High Quality Heat Treated Aluminium Pipes producing beautiful and long lasting sound.
  • Carefully tuned to actual frequency as mentioned.
  • Gives Great healing effect.
Dimensions of Pipe
Length – 20 inches appx.
Diameter – 1 inch appx.


  • 1 Piece Pipe with Rings on each side
  • 1 Wood Hand Stand to hang this pipe
  • 1 Rubber Mallet.

    You can hang this Pipe on Wooden hand-stand with the help of Rings provided on sides of the Pipe.
    Use Rubber mallet to produce beautiful 586 Hz sound and frequency.