I just really have to write and tell you how much I love all the tuning forks I have purchased from you thus far, and how excited I am to receive my Solfeggio set soon! The forks are beautiful, and your customer service has been outstanding, with messages emailed to me at every step of each purchase. They always arrive within just a few days after my check clears - all the way from India, which always amazes me! :) The quality and tone of each fork is perfect, and I love displaying them in my healing office for all to see and marvel at.
I use the forks in my energy healing sessions with clients, on animals, and on myself. So far I have had spectacular and profound results. The Om tuner is always just so comforting and grounding - EVERYONE, to a person, has fallen in love with this one! Even my small grand-son, who was having trouble settling down to sleep one day, became relaxed, peaceful and dropped right off as I sent energy through the fork and into his energy field. He fell asleep smiling an angelic smile!
The 50Hz fork is phenomenal when working with pain, especially sciatic nerve pain! It is amazing! I have had wonderful results on myself as well as several clients having specific, physical pain with this wonderful fork.
The 999Hz fork is sublime! It rings for what seems minutes at a time and puts everyone I use it on quickly into a state of bliss. I have had profound results in using it to get myself and the client quickly liked with guides and to receive spiritual balance and connection with the higher dimensions of support and BE-ing.
I cannot wait to receive my new set so I can further enhance my healing practice! And I will look deeper into your store when ordering next to find the little wooden stand so shipping doesn't cost so much - thanks for that lovely bit of advice, Amit!
You are such a treasure to me and to my clients, my friend. Thank you for all you do - and I will refer everyone to you who needs these wonderful instruments of healing and delight!

Debz Shakti Buller

Hello Amit
Sorry it's taken so long to respond to you. I wanted to be clear about what to say about the astral travel. I hope this helps...
I have been using the Solfeggio Forks for 7 months now and have worked with many people showing them how to use these forks, some of it researched but a lot has been from guided information given to me from my guides, Christ energy in Stonehenge and other guides/energies from powerful Sacred sites in the UK.
Their healing properties are just incredible and 'not of this dimension'. The information I have been given about the sounds are that they have been around since time began and that is why some people are literally hearing these sounds and something 'just happens'. It's like a remembering and then waking up as a switch is turned on deep in the DNA structure.
I have been using the Solfeggio chime pipes to allow myself to go into an altered state and have experienced channelling and a sense of being at one with Source. This maybe something you can use but the full set of forks will allow the physical body to get to the place needed for the healing to occur.
Other successes have been healing of chest infections, coughs and colds, sinusitis, anxiety, depression, palpitations, tinnitus, trapped nerves and painful muscles, migraine, headaches, gastritis, abdominal pain, period pains, to name some of them. People report a real sense of well being, their health improves and the EGO/chatterbox is silenced!!!
I feel very passionate about getting the sounds 'out there' and just trust all will be well.
Thank you Amit for putting a lady called Suneel onto my website. She has been in contact with me.
I hope this has been of some help to you. I look forward to our continued friendship and hope one day our paths may cross and we can really get the message 'out there'.
Warmest regards to you and your family
I use the OM and 528 to charge food and water. When I do my workshops one of the guidences is to stem the fork into the water - if the water is for yourself or on the glass if for a guest. You can bathe in water charged by the OM and 528 and it is a lovely experience.
I would like to share with you one thing I did the other day with a friend that had been bitten by a horsefly. The bite had turned nasty and was very red, sore, itchy and swelling by the minute. Usually he would need antibiotics. So I checked the energy pathway by using a pendulum, this was totally unbalanced as expected, then covered the bite activated the 528 and put the stem on the wound. Literally within minutes the itching stopped and it appeared as tho the redness was turning to pink in front of our eyes. Just amazing. It is just as good for cuts and grazes, or wounds. I use the 528 along side the 174 and the 285. Healing occurs within 24-48 hours as a rule. i have been unable to try it on larger wounds but it stands to reason it would work.

-Debbi -UK

Just recieved the delievery  and am very excited.  Have been playing with the forks and they are just wonderful. I used them on our cat , who really loved them and showed instant results. He was looking rather pecky this morning, his fur was sticking together you know when their eclectics are out of sorts due to dry kidneys, so I used the OM fork on him and before my eyes I saw the fur plump up, and then i used the 528 tube on him and he just lay there, for 3 minutes then started cleaning himself then got up and trotted in to the garden. Fabulous, things like these always work so quickly on animals, love them and thank you.

-Hope to see you soon
Kind regards
Patricia (London,UK)

Hi Amit! Just a little note to let you know that I have been using my little OM to help with the healing of a good friend of mine's mother. She was thrown under a moving train and had her leg and a foot amputated. She seems to be responding well to the fork, as the leg and foot are progressing nicely. Much better than they predicted at first. I am using it in conjunction with music and aromatherapy.
This goes to show, once again, you never what a foot print (or in this case, tuning fork)on someone's heart. You may never know how far a little bit of kindness ripples out to touch the lives of others!
Again, thank you so much Amit. Your forks are making a difference in this crazy world of ours!

-Dolphin Smiles, Elizabeth

7chakra set which you gave me when the big earthquake happened, is helping people in north east region.
Friend of mine who is a hypnotherapist, is using the chakra set.
Her client said something is gone from her shoulder and energy become so clear and light.
The sound of tuning fork make her mind very calm.
That is the response from my friend,
and she is coming to Tokyo end of this month.
So we are meeting and I will teach her more technique, then your tuning forks are going to help more people.
Thank you very much for your gift and I respect you very much.
I wish your products make Japanese much happier and you too.
Thank you very much for your support every time.

-Best Regards,
Satoru Hoshikawa

Hi Amit!
I rec'd my pipes on the 14th...... just 4 days after placing my order. Amazing!
I had our Oneness Blessing group at my house yesterday and played the Solfeggios at the beginning and the end. They were in heaven with the beautiful sounds! I rec'd an email from one of the group saying that the pipes were an exquisite addition to the Monday Morning Blessings (:
I love the pipes. Thanks so much for your rapid delivery and kind responses!


Hello AMit,
Thank you so much for your quick delivery, the fork is beautiful, and does a lovely sound!
I can now have my piano de-tuned to it!
Warm regards and many blessings

-Claude P.

I purchased a weighted 50 hz nerve tuning fork from you several months ago & that thing is like a magic wand.  I am a massage therapist & the subtle vibration does wonders for trigger points in the hips, shoulders, and especially the neck, head and face.  I am able to drain sinuses with much immediate pain relief with the 50 hz fork.  I have seen shoulders humped halfway up my clients neck visibly relax almost to a normal position after using the weighted fork.  It makes deep tissue work so much more effective because it activates any shut down muscles before I bring the pressure.  Everyone that I use it on is totally amazed at its effects.  It is so effective that I use it during every massage now.  The vibration also brings clients to a deeply relaxed state, when I begin using it, 100% of clients heave a big sigh and become very still, a sign of deep relaxation.  I believe it also moves energy throughout the body because it makes people twitch, just as if they were doing a meditation or breathing exercise meant to move energy through the body.  I will be purchasing more forks to experiment with in the future.  Thanks for providing these vibrational tools!  The understanding of vibration that I have learned from using the fork and other various techniques has opened my mind to a new way of thinking about the whole universe.  Here's to the unfolding; here's to you!!

-Magen berry-USA

Hi Amit, I'm just giving you some feedback on the 695Hz tuning fork you made for me. All of my clients love the sensation this fork gives them, it is very relaxing and literally leaves them 'buzzing' with energy. The reason I chose 695Hz is because that is the number of accupuncture points on the body. I run the fork over the entire body from toe to head while they are still on my massage table or seated on a chair. I'm sure if you try this frequency yourself you will have very pleasing results, I can see myself ordering more of these 695Hz forks in future.

-Yours truly,
Jovan Vlajsavljevich (Australia).

HI , Just want to let you know that Saturday I showed everyone in my group the 528 tuning pipe and our spiritual leader Samuel loved it and recommened it. I know a few have order it so far and more will be placing orders, and when the other cities here the news you should be shipping quite a few of them. Thank you again for suppling such a great piece for us to work with.

-Love Mark

Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my recent purchase from tunning fork shop.  The Harmonic tubes sound great and seem of the highest quality. I have also purchased the solfreggio wind chimes which sound superb!  The tuning forks are also great sounding.  Thanks Amit,  it was a pleasure to purchase from you.

-Jim,  Belleville, Michigan

I obtained some relief from my Tinnitus  and Anxiety problem after watching Youtube videos of the high frequency forks
Just the sound had a great healing effect
That's why I bought it

-Marco Zanin- USA

WOW! 2 1/2 days from New Delhi to Bellingham, WA, USA! That's simply amazing.
Also, and even more gratifying, the tuning fork and
everything else is top quality.
This has been one of the most satisfying purchases I've ever made online. I will absolutely return for another (possibly the 999hz) soon. Thank you again so much. My very best wishes.

-Mike Johnston

Hi Amit!!!
I had a lot of really interesting experiences in my healing work.
Before having this material, I've used the sound of my voice, overtones, power words, phonemes and other stuff to "clean", harmonize, expand and accelerate people's chakras and aura.
Now my method has been greatly strengthened because the harmonic series, that are triggered by tuning pipes, can support the work of the voice.
Furthermore, there are a plenty of sounds combinations between pipes until the harmonic spectrum and Fibonacci series.
What I could see is that the possibilities were incredibly expanded and deepened and the sound works like an intelligent energy that awakens the people to speak to your soul.
When certain sounds are triggered, the physical body sends signals and makes symptoms that can be recognized by Reading Body Technique.
I also realized that the Fibonacci series has the power to restructure and realign the physical and subtle bodies and the subsequent or simultaneously work with the harmonic spectrum deepens the experience.
The tunning forrks are sensational! as they bring the possibility of being perceived vibrations till the bone!
So I'm thrilled with the potential of this instrumental and I feel I can find many other possibities.
One question: Can you do more pipes of Fibonacci series up to the golden number, ie the ratio 1.6118?
Please tell me what you thought of all this, ok?

-best wishes,

Dear Amit,
The chimes just arrived!   What a beautiful sound they have, and we can feel the soothing effects already.  
I'm going to recommend these to all my friends, and I will probably give some as gifts. Thank you for this quality product.


Your Query:
Thank you so much for the fast shipping of the 528 Hz Tuning Fork. Your Tuning Forks are the Best! After the first use my Brow Chakra became balanced instantly. May the Divine continue Blessing The Tuning Fork Shop. Kathy McMillan, USA

-Ms. Katherine McMillan
Bi-Bi Pain

Amit. Thank you for these great products. I hung the first 2 the wind chimes I bought from you in my house and the energy change. Everything seems brighter. Now I'm getting them for the rest of my family! These are amazing and I can't thank you enough.


Hi Amit,
I received my wind chimes and pipes today and I am thrilled!  I am very happy with them and they arrived so quickly.  The stand for the pipes was easy to put together and it looks very nice.  I'm having fun with them.  Thank you so much

-Best wishes,
Pauline Lynnes

They are wonderful... thank you so much!!! They compliment my 7 pc chakra set and 5 #'s in such an amazing way that I just had to add the 432hz and 528hz! I am really hooked on the tuning forks... they are providing a really deep healing for me and are assisting me with a very stubborn case of advanced Lyme disease. Since there isn't really a known cure, I have decided to attack it from an emotional and energetic standpoint and the forks are really doing their part. I can feel my body reverberating with these high vibrations long after using them.... and am beginning to feel fantastic. Much gratitude!!!
And, now, after experiencing the weighted tuning forks for the first time, I would like to add the 7 piece weighted chakra set... but am waiting to find a good deal on them. Feel free to alert me of any special... otherwise, I will try and look out for them.
I also was very pleasantly surprised to see how quickly they arrived. I was expecting a delay with the free shipping... but they got here just 6 days after the day I ordered. Thank you for the excellent service.



Dear Amit,
I got my tuned pipe and I love it.  I'm using it together with healing meditations and it's working very well.  Thank you.

-Allison, USA

Hi Amit
Certainly I will tell about results!
I already have one surprising experience. As soon as I received a tuning fork of 32 Hz I rang out literally 2 minutes at a nape of my husband and the next morning at it stones from teeth which more than 10 years were started leaving! ! !
Thanks! It is a fantasy!

-Inga, Russia

my 528 Hz Energy Bar Chime arrived safely today, much faster than I had expected, and in perfect condition. It has a beautiful sound and is definitely well worth the money. Thank you also for your free gift which is much appreciated.

-Many thanks.

My Energy Bar chime 528Hz was everything I expected. It has taken my healing sessions to another level. My clients are so grateful and I am, too. I definitely recommend others to order from your site. Quality products and great customer service!

Phoenix, AZ

The first tuning fork I ordered is being used by a very satisfied 91 year old man, he has a problem with a lump on he's elbow and gets full pain relief when using the fork. A very satisfied customer. The second one is for myself (66) and my 65 year old wife. We both have lower back pain.


I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an amazing range of products, and supplying them so quickly. I just received my 432Hz pipe and am extremely happy. The benefits of these frequencies are not well known & probably underestimated a lot of the time. I am so grateful that you have created a means of producing the 432Hz tone with such power and resonance, much more powerful than the tuning forks. Great work guys

(ebay id)

Thanks for the amazing human organ tuning chimes!! They arrive in 24 hours packaged very safe. So far I find the resonance of them all like no other. I also ordered the human organ tuning forks and DNA tuners from you with amazing results. I'm a customer and fan for life. Do you make customer tuning forks for people?

-Mr. Shannon Harris

I am very pleased with the products I bought from Sound Healing. The service is also first class and the communication excellent. I can thoroughly recommend this company.


I just wanted to say that the forks arrived yesterday. I am very very HAPPY with the quality.... I was very worried that the shorter weighted forks wouldn't vibrate for very long
and I would be wasting my money purchasing them but they do. I am sorry if I doubted that. I was worried because it is a lot of money for me. I don't have much money but what I do
have I need to spend on health products for my illness. Yet again, the quality of your forks is wonderful. I will make sure that I post VERY positive comments on Ebay and
continue to tell people about your wonderful products and service. I sincerely appreciate the complimentary tuning fork that you included. THANK YOU very very much :).
Thank you AGAIN for everything.
Kind warm regards,


Hi Amit,
I received my new tuned pipes and love them. I use them in my group drum circles. The last half hour of the circle we do a chanting
meditation session with quiet ambient percussion sounds to create a relaxed and reflective mood. That's when I bring out my pipes!.
I love how they sound. When you hit them with a singing bowl (large) wooden beater, the pipes really sing and sustain much longer
than usual. They are a most unusual and unique percussion instrument that I've added to my hand percussion arsenal.
I've already had a compliment on the way they sound. I love them.
Thanks for making this sound possible and for your great customer service. I am one happy customer.

Dave Stein(USA)

Thank you Amit, I will let you know how I get on with the tuning forks. I had also bought the 528hz which has been, understandably, miraculous. Burns, blisters, arthiritius swelling/pain, toothache, earache, I take it with everywhere and it has been 100% effective, although it has been hard to convince people of its amazing abilities, as Einstein said about truth, Firstly it is ridiculed, Secondly, violently opposed and finally accepted as self evident!
Love and light

-Ebay id- lillytigerfeet

Namaste Amit
I am very happy with the Energy Bar Chimes!  Thank you so much.  Feedback for your website is noted below...
High quality products and excellent customer service!  I ordered the Chakra Tuning Pipes and Energy Bar Chimes for use in public yoga classes and private therapy sessions.  These sonic tools carry a beautiful harmonic quality that has truly enhanced my offering.  Students and clients appreciate the use of sound and have experienced transformational shifts during our meditations.  Amit is very pleasant and helpful . he always responds promptly to requests and I was surprised by how quickly the shipments arrived from India. 

-Kathleen Burr

Thank You Amit!! I have purchased and received two separate shipments of tuning forks both weighted and unweighted. There has been great enjoyment in using them already! The quality of the forks and the surprisingly speedy shipment of your product (as guaranteed on your website) served to heighten my eagerness to utilize their theraputic properties. Looking forward to dealing with your company in the future. Sincerely, Lisa

-Ms. Lisa

Thank you. I am extremely pleased with the Chakra set I received from you earlier, and have already put it into therapy practice. I am planning to obtain additional fork (sets) from you as I move forward. The sound quality is superb, and I have receive very positive results. Thank you, again.
Henry Reid, Director
Music and Sound Therapy CSMC

-Los Angeles

My Energy Bar chime 528Hz was everything I expected. It has taken my healing sessions to another level. My clients are so grateful and I am, too. I definitely recommend others to order from your site. Quality products and great customer service!

-Jennifer Phoenix, AZ

Bowls and forks arrived today. Thanks very much. The bowls are brilliant :) Tony just tried the Song of the Spine tuning forks on me - instant pain relief having had 3 days back pain, so very happy all round!

-Best wishes
Jane, UK

Thank you. I have received both packages today after only 4 days from placing the order to receiving the items in the UK. Amazing service and accurate frequencies. I have been recommending Tuning Fork Shop & Bodytuner to my friends, family and clients when they ask me for advise on where to purchase forks and pipes from.
I have left positive feedback on ebay for you. Once again many thanks.

-Kind regards
PS Thank you for the book.

Dear Amit,
Many thanks for the parcel which arrived today. The forks are excellent quality and your despatch and delivery second to none. Really fantastic service and I shall not hesitate to purchase more tuning forks from you.

Susan Cooper, UK

Thank you so much!  I am looking forward to receiving it and already found the perfect place to hang it. My son received his and highly recommended it to me. I love my 528 tuning fork. Crazy as it may sound to some, it has removed pain and inflamation from my knee. When my grandchildren squabble, I ring it and they play nicely together the rest of the day. Have a wonderful day. B love.

-Susan, MI,USA

Your Wind Chime arrived very quickly. It was faster than anything else that I ordered that day from other websites. It seems to be of very high quality and exactly what I was hoping it would be. It is a nice heavy weight and sounds incredibly beautiful. It will be hung very proudly in a nice dry area outside our house. Thank you for sending it and for creating it. I know that it will bring years of enjoyment for my whole family, and glad that these solfeggio tones can be made available to many others. I will tell others of your products.

Daniel Lameire , USA

Thank you Amit I look forward to receiving the Angel tuning forks.
I have previously purchased from you - chackra chimes, DNA tuning forks, miracles 528 and cellulite reduction.  I would go no where else for these products.
I am a kinesiologist and use them almost every day in clinic with amazing results for my clients.  The healing that occurs is beyond limitations. Thankyou so much for the love and care you put into your making these magnificent vibrations, the benefits reach far and wide - Love and blessings to you from Australia xxx

-Geraldine Zadkiel
Heart Connection

Good morning to you Amit.
Thank you for your quick response to my order.
I have purchased many things from you in the past and more than a little pleased with the service and the extra care you show your customers. With my healing pipes, I was sent numerous links to help me use them the best way possible and now you've gifted me 2 rubber balls for my tuning forks, thank you..
To go that extra mile for someone you've never met and who lives so far from you, is rare in todays of business, but it is very much appreciated and I will duly recommend you to others.
Thank you once again for your quality service.
Have a wonderful day


Dear Amit,
I am grateful for the special order you did for me, with 852 hz (resting in our home in the light), 528 hz (genetic code healing and upgrading), and 285 hz (grounding the higher energy within our alive body) energy chimes.  I found that the 285 hz one was particularly helpful and have been placing it on top of the spine when a client has been face down on the treatment table.  I place 852 hz to the right of the body and 528 hz to the left of the body, and then add some Tibetan Singing Bowls nearby, with a good harmonic pair to near the right and left ears (far enough away so that they are not too loud and tapped with a soft mallet).  The vibration of the 285 hz energy chime seems to help integrate and balance the energies of the body with the light filament in the center of the spine and it seems to take only three taps.  I do this after a deep energy session that includes release of physical tension blocks using an energy supportive bodywork using pressure points and movements coordinated with breathing.

-Thank You Again and Many Blessings, Will

Well worth the money, good quality product, sounds of pipes excellent. Well packaged on arrival, easy to track and arrived fuss free and promptly. Would recommend this product and company to others. I have used them a few times now for various musically instruments and tuning forks, and I have never been disappointed in both service or product.  

-Miss Julia frier -UK

Hello again Amit!
Here comes he feedback I promised, maybee you have to do sometihing about my Spelling :)
"I have bought a lot of products from Amit and I am so happy with all of them. I just love the healingpipes and the nerv fork and my yogastudents do the same. I have many different healingpipes and play them both during the yogaclass and during the Savashana after. When someone have pain I put the nerv fork against the area and they almost always have a relief in the pain. Amit is always very helpfull and the service is great. Every time I am so impressed of how fast I have the items in my hand. Thank you so much from a very happy customer in Sweden.
Thanks again Amit, Always a pleasure to do business with you!

-Annika Yogateacher"

I wanted to let you know my sister ordered these upon a recommendation of a healer/clairvoyant.  We used these on our 'hyper' 5, 6,7 & 8 years old children and they worked wonderfully.  one has auditory sensory issues ( he loved it the most).
Thank you for your product Im soo looking forward to having my own set helping my children and helping others.

-Kindest Regards,
Jeanie D

Hi Amit,
I am very happy with my tuning forks so far. I orded some from you last week and am using them so much that I need another one to loan out. I have been using them all week for scar tissue work with my clients and they are feeling great!

-Thanks you,

Hello Amit, thank you for your complimentary gift. And, your email is greatly appreciated!!!
You may use this for a review:
My order was shipped accurately and swiftly. I ordered another tuning fork, a leg activator and rubber balls for the ends of my tuning forks. Amit even threw in a complimentary gift. It's just the little touches of service that makes them a stand alone supplier.  I've ordered from them before, and I always receive my order quickly; quicker than the estimated shipping timeframe, along with a nice email from the supplier.
Their products are good quality, with a great selection to choose from.  They also provide in depth information on how to use the product, and a description of what it's used for.

They are one of my favorite suppliers, and they have a long time customer!

Love & Light,

-J Young, RP, IARP
International Energy Healer
Spirit Guide & Angel Messenger
Angel Oracle Card Reader
Spiritual Advisor

Over the past few months, I have begun researching and then purchasing tuning forks for the purpose of energetic balancing and healing. I have been very happy with the forks Ive received from Tuning Fork Shop, but perhaps what I have appreciated most is the wonderful customer service. Even though there is quite a distance from where the forks are shipped from to the US, I have received both communications and the forks themselves in light speed. I highly recommend Amit and Tuning Fork Shop to all my friends.

Thank you,

-Anya Blakeley, CPCC
Intuitive Guidance
Transformational Coaching
Process & Expressive Arts Facilitator Artist
(301) 956 0429

Thank you very much for sending the bowls.
For all Bodytuner products I have bought: sets of tuning forks and lots of tibetan bowls I give you five stars mark!
As a professional sound healer and musician I find your products the best in price and quality on the market today!
I hope to deal with you again too.
Sending a bit of Cratian sunny day!

-Best wishes
Ivana (Germany)

The 528 HZ Tuning Pipe is amazing! It has a long lasting loud sound that I can physically feel, the vibration flow through out my entire body. I have already shared this sound with a couple of close friends they were as move by the Tuning pipe as I am. I highly recommend the 528 Hz Tuning Pipe from this seller. I was told I would receive it with in 5 days. I received it in 1.

-Dawn D Place
United States

Thank you so much! I am looking forward to receiving this packet. I will be ordering another 128hz very soon. I have been using them on my husband who has had chronic right shoulder pain for over 25 years and he is receiving much benefit from each treatment. Thank you again.

-Becky Drake- USA

My feed back: The 9 Solfeggio pipes with large stand I ordered arrived very quickly, with great packaging and not opened or damaged. They are a beautiful product well made and backed by a great company who understand this market. I am very happy with the product and the service and will continue to purchase all of my sound therapy products from them. Master Vasilios Cyprus
Thank you Amit and much love and many blessings to you


In March I fell down and broke my finger. I treated it with DNA, Circulation, OT 128 hz and Silica tuning forks
and it healed very quickly and well.
My sister treated broken leg of her puppy and veterinary doctor was surprised  how quickly puppy was cured :-).
Tuning forks are amazing! 

-Best wishes,
Zuzana- Slovakia

Sacred Solfeggio - 9 Healing Tuned Pipes Thank you so much! The pipes ate magnificent. Powerful. Beautiful. Me and my children are using them every day and I really see and feel the effect. This is amazing, wonderful. Thank You Amit! Thanks for help from the bottom of our hearts!

-Tii Tanner- Finland