About Healing Tuned Chime Bars

Tuned Chime Bars used for healing are a key aspect of sound and vibrational healing therapy. This alternative form of therapy involves using specific pitches, sounds, and vibrations to relieve stress, relieve pain and bring about homeostasis within the body. These products are used to treat everyone from children to adults and even pets.

These are used for healing because of their ability to emit vibrations and frequency. When these are struck, they not only vibrate the pipe/ wind chime/ chime bar but also vibrate the surrounding air space with the same frequency of vibration. This sends the vibration as an impulse through the air. This vibration can be harnessed to help increase the healing energy inside us.

Main features of this Healing Tuned Energy Chime Bar
  • Energy Chime Bars are used for healing and relaxation.
  • Incredible resonance helps to focus the mind in meditation.
  • Perfect for Feng Shui energy clearing and Chakra balancing.
  • They are suspended above good quality wood base for a clear resonating tone.
  • They are made from special Aluminium Alloy producing rich, long lasting sounds.
  • These are used for healing as they produce different vibrations and frequencies.
  • The sound vibrations emitted by them are rich in natural harmonics.
Each Tuned Chime Set consists of the following items
  • Tuned Rod / Rods mounted on wood base.
  • 1 Wood Mallet.
  • An attractive color box.
How to produce sound in an Energy Bar Chime
  • By using a wood mallet. The rod should be tapped by the mallet.

  • For longer Chimes, we give an additional Rubber Ball, which can be put at the other end of the wood mallet to produce softer sounds.

Quality & Accuracy

Quality of Chime Bars mainly depends on 2 factors - type of material used and frequency accuracy. At tuningforkshop, we never compromise on these two factors. With years of experience behind us, we are able to produce one of the finest Tuned Chime Bars available in the market especially for healing purpose. All our tuned chime bars are made from special grade Aluminium alloy and frequency is guaranteed to tuned to an accuracy of +/- 0.05% which is very good healing grade accuracy. The wood used for mounting the rod is also of good quality.

Sometimes these may have multiple frequencies and tones.