About Us

At TuningForkShop.com (website of the company Johnson International), we have technically superior, highly reliable and competitively priced product range of Sound Healing Products especially Tuning Forks, Tuned Pipes, Tuned Chimes, Energy Bar Chimes, Singing Bowls & Healing Pyramids that is backed by a professional and ethical business approach. Many more products are already under our research and development.

We are manufacturers and exporters of these items supplying to many, Healers, Therapists, Sound Treatment Practitioners, Acupuncturists and Chiropractors. We have a vast experience in the trade both in domestic and International market.

We have specialist engineers and technologists who are actively involved in the development of new products which are more user friendly, reliable, long lasting and accurate. Our team not only has vast technical knowledge but also worldwide experience in customer relationship. We use various types of facilities and techniques, which are extensively used for conducting quality checks. The stringent quality control checks are performed at each and every stage of production. We also manufacture and provide modified or custom-designed models, when our standard models do not satisfy the application requirements. We believe that SERVICE has a special meaning and that QUALITY has no substitute. Further, we have the knowledge - and we take the time - to produce products for you that add VALUE. Our main aim is

  • Consistent Excellent Quality
  • High Customer Focus
  • Expedient Delivery
  • Value at no Greater Cost
Our customers have appreciated this philosophy for many years.