About Singing Bowls

We have been dealing in sound healing products for many years now. Each of our singing bowl have been personally selected by skilled sound practitioners who are associated with singing bowls since last many years.

Our Singing Bowls have passed strict quality control standards for:

  • Sound quality and volume
  • Ease and smoothness of playing
  • Harmonic balance of sounds.
  • Long lasting sustainable.
  • Out of hundreds and thousands of bowls, only few are able to achieve this standard.
Special features
  • Genuine Handmade 7 Metal Healing Grade Tibetan Singing bowl
  • High Quality at Low price directly from the source
How to play singing bowl:

There are two basic ways of playing a singing bowl:

  • You can strike it with a mallet for pulsating tones.
  • You can rub around the edge with a mallet for a sustained effect. Be sure to press the wooden mallet firmly against the rim of the singing bowl. The striker must remain in constant contact with your singing bowl. Move the striker slowly around the outside rim of the singing bowl and you will soon hear the singing bowl hum, or sing.
About our Chakras and benefit of these Singing Bowls:

Name of Chakra, It's Location, Benefits & Note

Root or Muladhara: genitals and the anus; Effective on the pubic bone and coccyx; C

Sacral or Svadisthana: testes or the ovaries region; Stimulates sexual energy.Connected with relationship & reproduction; D

Solar Plexus or Manipura: Solar Plexus; Helps in metabolic and digestive systems; E

Heart or Anahata: Heart; Helps in relaxation,Stimulates positive emotions, love & compassion; F

Throat or Vishuddha: Throat; Helpful for throat,for thyroid.Helps in communication & expression; G

3rd Eye or Ajna: Directly between eye brows; Helps in pineal glads.Increases our intution & understading; A

Crown or Sahasrara: Top of head; Helps in Universal conciousness & meditation.It brings joy & happiness; B

Note: Photo may vary a bit due to camera flash

Frequency Accuracy: +/- 0.5% which is excellent healing grade