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Sound Healing Solfeggio Wind Chime Small

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Cat No. 50011


Item Description (Cat No. 50011)

Total lenght of the chime from top ring to bottom catcher – Appx 2.5 Feet.

Made from : 6 Aluminium Hollow tubes
Tone: 6 Solfeggio frequencies
Total length: Appx 2.5 feet
Longest tube: Appx 19 inches appx
Diameter of tube: Appx half inch


The Wind Chime is based on 6 STANDARD Frequencies
Original 6 notes

Ut=396 Hz (=9) (Ut quent laxis)
For liberating guilt and fear

Re=417 Hz (=3) (Resonare fibris)
For Facilitating Change & Support

Mi=528 Hz (=6) (Mira gestorum)
For Transformation, Miracles and DNA Repair

Fa=639 Hz (=9) (Famuli tuorum)
For Connecting & Relationships

Sol=741 Hz (=3) (Solve polluti)
For Awakening Intuition

La=852 Hz (=6) (Labii reatum)
For Returning to Spirit