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Sound Healing Sharp Wind Chime

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Cat No. 50006


Item Description (Cat No. 50006)

The Sharps Chime set is made from 5 tuned pipes. These are based on the Pythagorean or Just Scale. The Harmonic Spectrum Set is also based on this scale. The Sharps Set & the Harmonic Spectrum Set together make a complete octave in the Scale mentioned above. Their frequencies are derived from the Traditional Hindu Chakras
They are in the same middle octave with C being the root chakra, D the sacral charka and so on.
This set occupies the absent link between the basic frequencies of life & the charkas.

This link is very important when you have to do any of the following:-

  • When transition is to be made from one frequency to another.
  • When transition is to be made from one charka to the next.
  • When transition is to be made from one element to the next during human evolution and involution.

It is very important in the vibrational makeup of all life.
It should be noted that all these frequencies are of the vibrations from intersections of Ida and Pingala while they cross each other at the Sushumna. Only the A# is an exception to this fact.

The 5 Pipes of this Wind Chime set are based on :

Sacred Chalice
C 266.6 Hz
Dan Tien
D 300 Hz
Higher Heart
F 355.5 Hz
Brain Stem
G 400 Hz
Higher Brain Centers
A 444.4 Hz

Dimensions of Chime:

Length of Chime (from top Ring to bottom Wind catcher) – 48 inches appx.
Diameter of each Pipe – 1 inch appx.


Main Features of this Healing Chime

  • Made from Good Quality Heat treated Aluminium Pipes.
  • Light wind catcher to give sound in low winds as well.
  • Top and middle portion are of good quality Wood so that position of pipes remains at same point same even after years.