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Brain - 5 Healing Tuned Pipes

Note: Free Wood Hand Stand to hold pipe plus Rubber Mallet with this Healing Tuned Pipe Set. Free Shipping & Insurance.
Cat No. 40009


Item Description (Cat No. 40009)

Brain Pipes (set of 5 tuned pipes) are produced on the basis of studies of brain wave. EEG or Electroencephalography technology is used to construct various states of consciousness namely Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta.
NameNsually associated with:Beta wavesActive, busy or anxious thinking and active concentration, arousal, cognitioncAlpha wavesRelaxation (while awake), pre-sleep and pre-wake drowsinessdTheta wavesDreams , deep meditation, REM sleepDelta wavesDeep dreamless sleep, loss of body awarenesss2 Brain Pipes can be heard together. The 2 parts of the brain join the 2 sounds to create a third, different sound called a binaural beat. The difference between the two frequencies must be small for the effect to occur; otherwise, the two tones will be heard separately and no beat will be perceived.
When the Fundamental Brain Pipe is heard with any of the 4 Brain pipes, the difference between the two pipes creates a binaural beat which can be heard as a pulsation. Binaural beats reportedly influence the brain in more subtle ways through the entrainment of brainwaves and can be used to produce relaxation and other health benefits such as pain relief. Binaural beat stimulation has been used fairly extensively to induce a variety of states of consciousness, and there has been some work done in regards to the effects of these stimuli on relaxation, focus, attention, and states of consciousness.

Main Features of this Pipe
  • Made from High Quality Heat Treated Aluminium Pipes producing beautiful and long lasting sound.
  • Carefully tuned to actual frequency as mentioned.
  • Gives Great healing effect.

These 5 Healing Tuned Pipes are

Dimensions of Pipe
Length – 26 to 30 inches appx.
Diameter – 1 inch appx.


  • 5 Piece Pipe with Rings on each side
  • 1 Wood Hand Stand to hang this pipe
  • 1 Rubber Mallet.

    You can hang this Pipe on Wooden hand-stand with the help of Rings provided on sides of the Pipe.
    Use Rubber mallet to produce beautiful Brain sounds & frequencies.